A student learning should be decided by attitude of his own not by perception about him. Normally tests conducted in classes, in the very beginning of the academic session. Instead of performance feedback of individual student with the level of individual understanding of the subject, perception about student - categorizing in outstanding, average, poor, starts to shadow the progress of knowledge. Therefore a holistic approach is needed to cater the testing needs of students, in step wise manner.

Objective of competence technology is to enable students align with learning. Children are using smart phone, tablet, computer to play, why not align the same for evaluation of their competence, so that value edition continue…

Core idea is very simple,  choice is ours – where wind blowing with high speed can we install a turbine to get free electricity OR try to make a wall to stop the wind.

Getting every time test conducted for the very child and simultaneously analysis of her/his personal performance or learning is the need of hour.

A competition should be a challenge student to get courage in them not to create fear.

We  offer a platform for testing of students, to enhance their competence, at any time, any location.

For quick evaluation please register and self enroll in Demonstration module to get an idea what we offer, how we offer.

1. Complete performance feedback

2. Enough number of attempt

3. Relative improvement in child performance etc.

You are welcome to enroll your child.

Not satisfied ?? Write to us within 7 days of enrollment we will refund your fee.

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