What we offer

There are four levels of questions in every of our modules, for example, in the Mathematics module for a particular class, students’ skills shall be tested in the following manner:-

Level A – The basic level of understanding;

Level B – Application of basic learning;

Level C- Advanced level of application of learning and understanding. Catering to the level of applied thinking necessary for cracking Olympiads( a series of examinations) and other competitive examinations that might come in the student’s future.

If in a class, the number of chapters are 16 and each chapter will have 75 questions (25 questions for each of Level A, B and C). Students are required to attempt at least 75 X 16 or 1200 problems to complete the testing module for a particular grade or class.

A student will be provided a maximum of three attempts to get perfection in each of the topics, chapters or lessons he or she is learning.

A detailed report will be generated for every test attempted, including the number of questions attempted or unattempted, whether correct or incorrect, overall marks scored by the student, percentage scored, time elapsed, etc.

Last, but not the least, we will keep adding new tests/quizzes for you and have a happy time learning post enrollment.

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