Why Competence Technology

The classroom skills of students are needed to be continuously monitored. This should be aligned with the actual learning curve of students. Normally tests conducted in classes, in the very beginning of the academic session. Instead of performance feedback of individual student with the level of individual understanding of the subject, perception about student - categorizing in outstanding, average, poor, starts to shadow the progress of knowledge.

Therefore, there is strong need to address the need of an individual student instead of going by a purely commercial attitude of handling a particular brand of commodities.

If a test is conducted based on a level of understanding like basic, medium, advanced, etc., an average student gets a conducive environment to increase competence and slowly he or she matches with the best peers of their class.

A brilliant student too should not be stopped to gain knowledge on the pretext of syllabus of particular class and teacher in a particular area. We provide an excellent platform where student can be offered extensive resource for constant evaluation of their own learning. This will ensure orientation towards, academic and competitive orientation together. 

Hence we thought that a step by step holistic approach is needed to increase and shape the knowledge driven competence of students, which can be useful for whole of their life.
A student learning should be decided by attitude of his own not by perception about him

Kindly enroll for unique way to build your competence in step by step manner.

Last modified: Tuesday, 21 November 2017, 8:17 AM